044. Warships sailing the Turkish straits: international law at work

The Black Sea is of crucial economic and strategic importance for its littoral states and so are of course the Turkish straits (Bosporus and the Dardanelles). Day in day out, year in year out, they remain open for traffic, connecting the Black Sea with the Mediterranean Sea and from there to the rest of the […]

Vlaggen van diverse Europese landen waaronder Duitsland, Italië

014. Habits you pick up when working abroad

Diplomats travel. So do other people of course, but in general we diplomats do this travelling a bit more than the average person. When one travels, one experiences and learns. I did for sure. One can also have silly competitions, as I have with a few friends. “Who visits most countries in his life?”. A […]

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006. Positive about the year ahead

End of the year, 2014 around the corner. Looking through my office window and wonder why I did not join my visiting house guest, who is now roaming around beautiful Istanbul. The sky is blue; it is sunny and 13 degrees. Do not be mistaken, the weather is not always like this, even not in […]