066 What will the economy bring Turkey in 2017 (and 2018)?

“A predicted economic crisis always comes later than expected, but when it finally arrives it will happen much faster than anticipated” Introduction Predicting the direction of the Turkish economy in the coming few years is not an easy task. Turkey is a multi-layered country on the crossroads of three continents, finding itself not only in […]


055 The Turkish economy: what will happen in 2016?

The future is the most difficult part of forecasting. An old joke, true as ever, especially in Turkey. Herewith an overview of some macro-economic developments in 2015 and my (partly) personal predictions for 2016. And some observations on the structural road ahead. Summary/base scenario: Turkey is set to become one of the five largest economies […]


013. Bookshop Robinson Crusoe and Globalization

Turkey is part of globalization as any other country and, as all us, Turkey profits from it, but at times it also suffers from the negative effects. Globalization has its advantages and disadvantages. Often, too often in my opinion, there is that tension between wanting to keep one’s cultural, natural and historical heritage on the […]

Family in front of a multicoloured art installation / gezin voor

010. Creative sector Turkey: a mixed picture

One expects that Turkey offers many opportunities for Dutch companies in the creative sector. However, over the past years we learned that this sector is more challenging than initially thought.  There is a clear difference between short and longer term context. We, my economic colleagues at the Dutch Consulate General in Istanbul and I continue […]