055 The Turkish economy: what will happen in 2016?

The future is the most difficult part of forecasting. An old joke, true as ever, especially in Turkey. Herewith an overview of some macro-economic developments in 2015 and my (partly) personal predictions for 2016. And some observations on the structural road ahead. Summary/base scenario: Turkey is set to become one of the five largest economies […]


036. Agriculture/Turkey and The Netherlands: partners by choice and destiny

Some weeks ago President Erdoğan announced Turkey’s aim to increase agricultural revenue to 150 billion US dollars and increase agricultural exports to 40 billion US dollars by 2023. Ambitious? Yes. Realistic? No doubt about it. Turkey’s agri-cultural potentials Turkey combines a great geographical location with a fertile country and many different climate zones, enabling basically […]


008. Trade Delegations 3.0, small size increasingly does matter

Trade delegations are of all times, whether it were the VOC ships to the East in the 17th century, or the upcoming trade delegation by our minister of Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation to Turkey in 2014. This blog is about the Dutch economy and the importance of trade delegations, including the growing number of […]