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017. Praise to Trainees

Trainees, what could we do without them? For decades I already work with them and it has always been a pleasure; new ideas, enthusiasm and a positive attitude, characteristics of almost all trainees.

I insist that we treat trainees as regular colleagues and that they can function as such. We like to give them real responsibilities and involve them in the organization of events as it useful for them to experience how a bigger organization manages complex events.

I asked some of our trainees about their experiences.

Eva worked with the cultural section. This summer there was a great number of activities. She was, just like the other trainees, part of the practical organization of all of them; in addition she was involved in the media side of all this. Her website responsibilities were shared with Necmiye as even trainees at times do need free time. Eva has left at the beginning of September, but for her, as for many others at the Consulate, the highlight was the organization this summer of the live streaming of the world championship soccer: “it was a great success and we even had to work with waiting lists. In the end we received 4.900 guests and had to turn down 1900. I loved it. The organization, 100’s of mails per week and then the soccer evenings themselves, in the beautiful garden of the Consulate. It was very special to share these evenings with 800-900 Turkish and Dutch guests at a time. And you feel proud, as you know that this was only made possible thanks to a group effort in which the trainees played an important role”.

At the MATRA section (Social Transformation and Human Rights) much is required from a trainee. This is the only section where a trainee has to be fluent in Turkish. He/she is part of the whole project cycle, is often asked to represent the Consulate at meeting and, as with all trainees, can find him/herself involved in one of the many activities of the Consulate, from soccer to open monuments day to a book presentation. In the past months Seda worked with us and often had to act very independently: “I learned most because of the visits to projects. I went, but this was jut one of the visits, to a youth prison. I got to know the bureaucracy much better and had to communicate with children in that prison. All in all it was a very special experience.”

Yasar stayed for half a year with the economic section. Part of his time he worked on trade related issues like the preparation of the visit by Dutch Trade Minister Ploumen in June, and partly he worked with the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA), assisting Arife, the NFIA representative in Istanbul. He joined her on some fact finding missions through Turkey. Especially the first months were very busy, but also very satisfying. Yasar did very practical things, but was at times also in direct contact with CEO’s of important companies. “I really liked my stay here. It is also a fantastic feeling to receive, after hard work, personal compliments from the Minister, the Ambassador and the Consul General.”

And as all trainees, Yasar did many different things; even starring in a short film my son had to make for school….

From this summer we also have a social media trainee: Necmiye. She will stay till the end of the year and in a way is also my personal media assistant. Her job is very broad and includes bringing our social media experience and exposure to a higher level. She assists me in writing blogs, Turkish language tweets and has an almost full time job in upgrading our website. Thanks to Necmiye we started with infographics and Prezi presentations. Fortunately her assessment of me is ok: “Our Consul General is open minded and stimulates me to be creative and have new ideas, like infographics or presentations on YouTube. This makes my traineeship very challenging and rewarding. I learn a lot, also because the Consul General shares his experience with me”.

Trainees are students and have, of course, certain obligations towards study and university, which we respect, but at the same time we like them to contribute towards our professional goals.

For more information on traineeships at the Dutch Consulate General in Istanbul (info in Dutch language only):

16 comments on “017. Praise to Trainees

  1. I am a Political Science and International Relations student at Yeditepe University. I am going to Netherland, study at The Hague University for 5 monts. Then I want to join traineeship after my return. I would like to know the requirements. Best Regards

    1. Good to hear you are going to study in the Netherlands. Where to you wish to do the traineeship?

      kind regards

      Robert Schuddeboom
      Consul General

  2. Hi there, my name is Priya. I am a Canadian citizen currently teaching English here in Istanbul. I am a International Relations and Political Science graduate from the University of the Fraser Valley and am looking for an internship in the areas of trade, human rights or communications (anything really). Unfortunately, due to the school schedule, I am only available on weekends…however, I am willing to do anything via. web or in the evenings after school as well. I would appreciate discussing any details of vacant positions through email. Please let me know, as this opportunity would be excellent experience for me 🙂

    1. Hi Priya,

      Thank you for your interest. New vacancies are published on the Consulate’s website and Facebook. Please note that for the internships, you have to be enrolled in a Dutch study program.

      Kind regards.

  3. Dear Mr. Schuddeboom,

    I am currently doing a Master’s Accountancy in the Netherlands. During my bachelor’s degree, I studied abroad in Istanbul. I loved it so much that I very much wish to go back. I was wondering in which months internships at the Dutch consulate in Istanbul usually become available, and when these internships are announced. I will keep following the facebook page!

    Kind regards,


    1. Hi Burcu,

      Normally, there are 3 interns every six months. The next round starts somewhere around January. There is no fixed moment the internships are announced, so keep an eye on the Facebook page and the website!

      Kind regards

  4. Dear Mr. Schuddeboom, I am currently in my last year of International Business (Bachelor). Last year I did my internship at Corlu Airport and I wish to do my internship in Turkey again, but this time in Istanbul. I was wondering if there are or will be internships available in the direction of Business / Marketing. I am looking everywhere but with no result. I hope to hear back from you soon!

    1. Hi Cansin,

      Thank you for your interest in an internship at the consulate. Coming months we won’t have a internship in the direction of Business and Marketing. If we have vacancies, they are published on our Facebook and Website. Please note that you have to be enrolled in a Dutch study program to do an internship at the consulate. Good luck!

      Kind regards

  5. Dear Mr.Schuddeboom,

    I am a third year law student at the University of Amsterdam. I was wondering if there is any suitable position for a law student to do the intership at the Dutch consulate in Istanbul.

    Kind regards.

    1. Sorry Busra
      you were not answered. please look at our Facebook posting for regular openings for trainees.
      Robert Schuddeboom

  6. Beste Dhr. Schuddeboom,

    Ik ben op zoek naar een bedrijfskundige afstudeerstage (MER – Mangement, Economie en Recht), in de periode +/- april tot september heb ik hiervoor de tijd. Ik weet dat de vacatures op FB en op de website worden geplaatst, jammer genoeg is het termijn om je aan te melden nu net verstreken en die stages zijn volgens mij meeloopstages met een vaste start en eind data. Hiernaar ben ik niet op zoek. Ik zoek een afstudeerstage waarin ik onderzoek doe voor mij werkgever. Ik ben wat flexibeler qua tijd, ik heb ook al in 2015 een half jaar in Istanbul gewoond. (ook in London) Hiermee wil ik aangeven dat ik erg zelfstandig ben, ik weet ook hoe het allemaal gaat en ik spreek ook een beetje Turks.

    Ik heb positieve verhalen over u gehoord van Nederlandse docenten die Istanbul bezochten met een aantal studenten. Daarom wilde ik het op deze manier graag proberen om in contact te komen en u vragen om eens speciaal naar mijn vraag te kijken.

    Met vriendelijke groeten,

    Sarah-Kim Vroegindeweij

    1. Beste Sarah-Kim,

      Ik snap je punt en ben verheugd over je belangstelling, maar het zal helaas niet gaan. We hebben min of meer een vast ritme voor stagiaires, steken daar ook veel tijd in, geven ze goede werkplekken etc. Uit praktische overwegingen hebben we besloten om verzoeken zoals die van jou niet te honoreren (het is namelijk ‘best’ een bureaucratisch proces om iemand een werkplek te geven).
      Hou toch onze FB maar in de gaten.
      In ieder geval veel succes en nogmaals dank voor je bericht.

      Robert Schuddeboom

  7. I am a Political Science and International Relations student at Istanbul Aydin University here in Istanbul. I would like to do an internship at a motivating and challenging environment where I would be chanced to come face to face with real time international relations challenges. Please tell me what the requirements are to find a place at your Consulate.

  8. Geachte heer Schuddeboom,

    Als studente bachelor ‘Rechtsgeleerdheid’ aan Universiteit Leiden zou ik in de zomer graag fulltime stage willen lopen op het Consulaat in Istanbul. Mijn voorkeur gaat uit naar het werkterrein MATRA/Mensenrechten. Over de zomerstage heb ik op de site en op de Facebook pagina niets kunnen lezen. Hierover zou ik graag informatie willen verwerven.

    Bij voorbaat dank.

    Met vriendelijke groet,

    Gulcan Gunes

    1. Een goed idee, maar we hebben daar procedures voor. Volg onze FB pagina, daar worden de advertenties geplaatst.
      Met vriendelijke groet,

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