031. Amsterdam is wearing the trousers: sustainable Denim and Turkish investments

The Netherlands, Turkey, Amsterdam,  jeans,  sustainability and making money: on 16 April 2015, part of the international denim industry will start its ‘Denim City Project’ in Amsterdam. We at the Dutch consulate in Istanbul are proud to host its pre-launch next week.

“In the near future, sustainability will turn into something imperative rather than being just a choice”.

Sustainability is a core-value of the ‘Denim City Project’. Worn denims will be sorted, repaired, re-used and recycled. A denim archive will be created that will open its doors for the public to sit and snoop around. Local denim ‘Embassies’ will connect players in the industry. Thousands of students will be educated to become a new generation of brand managers, designers and decision-takers, all with a solid knowledge of sustainable production.

“Producing one pair of jean requires the use of approximately 7.000 liters of water and about half its own weight in toxic chemicals”.

Amsterdam promotes itself as an international Denim city. In this context the ‘Denim City Project” is a valuable contribution. Turkey, as an important international player in the denim world, also participates, through the involvement of the Turkish company ‘FG group’. With this, the ‘Denim City project’ is yet another example of mutually beneficial Turkish-Dutch economic cooperation.

Foreign Investments in the Netherlands: Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency

‘FG Group’ is certainly not the only Turkish company that invests in the Netherlands. Remember the recent investments the Turkish breakfast and lunch chain Simit Sarayi made in the bigger cities of the Netherlands; they already have 10 outlets. Or Ülker with Verkade. And Eroğlu taking over Mexx. In 2014 Turkish investments created 120 new jobs in the Netherlands; 2015 is expected to be even more successful.

The Netherlands reported record levels of foreign direct investment by foreign companies last year. Our Dutch (business) climate and assistance by the ‘Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency’ (NFIA) attracted 187 new foreign investment projects, representing nearly 3.5 billion dollar in planned investment and the creation of 6,304 new jobs in the Netherlands.

The ‘Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency’, an operational unit of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, helps and advises companies that wish to invest in the Netherlands.The NFIA operates worldwide and also has an office at the Consulate in Istanbul, covering all of Turkey.

Official pre-launch ‘Denim City’ at Palais de Hollande

All the ‘Blue Gold’ of the Turkish and Dutch jeans industry will gather in Istanbul next week. The ‘Denim City project’ will proudly be pre-launched at the Dutch Consulate on the 25th of March with a speech from James Veenhoff (‘Denim City’ manager).

The dress-code for that evening reception? Jeans of course, also for diplomats.

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