023. Hashtag #Rights365

“Dear guests, my staff asked me to kindly require you to use the following hashtag: #rights365”.  No one looked surprised, most notted it down and used it for their tweets on the 10th December international human rights day seminar at the Dutch Consulate in Istanbul. Amazing how in just a few years social media got […]


018. Press and internet freedom 2014, a conference in Istanbul, looking back

Work at a Consulate focuses on consular and economic matters, but human rights have their place as well. We have our Matra and human right programs and follow what is happening in Turkey of course. An example is the 9th Internet Governance Forum. A week with many meetings and little sleep. This year, Turkey was […]

Ministerie van VROM

017. Praise to Trainees

Trainees, what could we do without them? For decades I already work with them and it has always been a pleasure; new ideas, enthusiasm and a positive attitude, characteristics of almost all trainees. I insist that we treat trainees as regular colleagues and that they can function as such. We like to give them real […]


001. Introduction Blog

Since August 2013 I started as Consul-General in Istanbul. In the coming four years I will regularly write blogs about Turkey; mainly regarding economic subjects, although at times political and social matters will also be discussed. After all Turkey is a socially and politically very dynamic country. My objective is not only to provide information […]