Ministerie van VROM

017. Praise to Trainees

Trainees, what could we do without them? For decades I already work with them and it has always been a pleasure; new ideas, enthusiasm and a positive attitude, characteristics of almost all trainees. I insist that we treat trainees as regular colleagues and that they can function as such. We like to give them real […]

Middelbare school

003. Investing in Human Capital

Almost 11,000 euro per capita; anno 2013 Turkey has become a middle-income country, thanks to a decade of high economic growth and structural reforms. An impressive development. A frequently asked question is whether Turkey will succeed to avoid the so-called ‘middle-income trap’. Will Turkey continue to grow and become one of the largest economies in […]


001. Introduction Blog

Since August 2013 I started as Consul-General in Istanbul. In the coming four years I will regularly write blogs about Turkey; mainly regarding economic subjects, although at times political and social matters will also be discussed. After all Turkey is a socially and politically very dynamic country. My objective is not only to provide information […]