036. Agriculture/Turkey and The Netherlands: partners by choice and destiny

Some weeks ago President Erdoğan announced Turkey’s aim to increase agricultural revenue to 150 billion US dollars and increase agricultural exports to 40 billion US dollars by 2023. Ambitious? Yes. Realistic? No doubt about it. Turkey’s agri-cultural potentials Turkey combines a great geographical location with a fertile country and many different climate zones, enabling basically […]

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034. Dear Turkish Student: “Studying in the Netherlands should be on your shortlist”

The Netherlands is, according to rankings (I know, rankings have limited value, but when the Netherlands ranks high I like them…), one of the best countries for foreign students to study. This applies to both academic level and cost of studying and living. This fact is however hardly known outside the Netherlands. The world will […]


031. Amsterdam is wearing the trousers: sustainable Denim and Turkish investments

The Netherlands, Turkey, Amsterdam,  jeans,  sustainability and making money: on 16 April 2015, part of the international denim industry will start its ‘Denim City Project’ in Amsterdam. We at the Dutch consulate in Istanbul are proud to host its pre-launch next week. “In the near future, sustainability will turn into something imperative rather than being […]


030. Maritime love: Europort Istanbul, 11-14 March 2015

Dutch and water. All what people say about us is true. We did create almost half of our country and 70% of our GDP is produced below sea-level. In the process of creating the Netherlands we had to cooperate even with those we did not like; this explains how we developed the world famous ‘polder […]


028. Renewed Istanbul infrastructure boom (1): airport and cruise terminal

Without much ado in greater Istanbul a series of multi billion dollar infrastructural projects is being implemented putting Istanbul on the first spot when it comes to new infrastructure in Europe. Some projects are controversial (third airport, the canal), others too long delayed (the expansion of the metro network), but one thing is for sure: […]


021. Innovation Week Istanbul

What have glowing marbles, high tech eco-efficient Isa cars, fancy dresses with wearable solar design, solar tiles and every one’s favorite chocolate printers to do with Turkey? What are Daan Roosegaarde and Pauline van Dongen up to in Istanbul? What are all these colleagues from the Embassy in Ankara doing in the Consulate? Why do […]


019. The Netherlands leading in more than 20 economic sectors

General country branding remains important for the Dutch. In this fast changing world we, the Dutch, have to compete for attention. There are more and more upcoming economies and the assumption that others know (all about) The Netherlands might be a bit arrogant on our side. Do we really believe that the new generations of […]


016. Sport in Turkey and Dutch Business Opportunities

The World Championship soccer 2014 again showed us the power of sports. Within the Dutch foreign policy sports is playing its role, recently underlined by our minister of Foreign Affairs who referred to soccer diplomacy as a tool of foreign policy. At the Dutch Consulate in Istanbul we organized live screenings of six matches, attracting […]

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010. Creative sector Turkey: a mixed picture

One expects that Turkey offers many opportunities for Dutch companies in the creative sector. However, over the past years we learned that this sector is more challenging than initially thought.  There is a clear difference between short and longer term context. We, my economic colleagues at the Dutch Consulate General in Istanbul and I continue […]

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006. Positive about the year ahead

End of the year, 2014 around the corner. Looking through my office window and wonder why I did not join my visiting house guest, who is now roaming around beautiful Istanbul. The sky is blue; it is sunny and 13 degrees. Do not be mistaken, the weather is not always like this, even not in […]