053. What diplomats do – Trade mission to Bursa 12 and 13 October

Nothing beats the happy faces of a business delegation that has to leave very, very early in the morning, but then is offered fresh coffee. As part of the Holland Turkey Business Tour 2015, a large group of mainly local Dutch business people and colleagues went to Bursa on 12 and 13 October. On the […]


026. Tekirdağ: a Business Trip outside the Big City

Yes, a quarter of the GDP in Turkey is generated in and by Istanbul. It is unavoidable to be drawn to the dynamics and potential of Istanbul; Napoleon already said that if there were to be one world capital it should be Constantinople (as Istanbul was known before). And indeed, as a visitor or someone […]


025. A Health(y) Business: Dutch Medical Tourists to Turkey

A few months ago, while travelling by bus, a man asked me: ‘Do you know where I need to leave the bus to reach Taksim Square?’ His accent was clear, so I answered him in Dutch. He looked confused and lost. I asked if he liked Istanbul. He didn’t: too many people and too noisy. […]

Vlaggen van diverse Europese landen waaronder Duitsland, Italië

014. Habits you pick up when working abroad

Diplomats travel. So do other people of course, but in general we diplomats do this travelling a bit more than the average person. When one travels, one experiences and learns. I did for sure. One can also have silly competitions, as I have with a few friends. “Who visits most countries in his life?”. A […]

011. Regional business trip to Kocaeli 29-30 April 2014; things Embassies and Consulates do

Missions remain an essential part to expand bilateral economic relations. There are different kinds of economic delegations, from the big delegation to Turkey in the beginning of June 2014 led by Minister Ploumen (‘international trade and development cooperation’) to the dozens of smaller ones organized by banks, consultants, local authorities and branche organizations. To all […]

008. Trade Delegations 3.0, small size increasingly does matter

Trade delegations are of all times, whether it were the VOC ships to the East in the 17th century, or the upcoming trade delegation by our minister of Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation to Turkey in 2014. This blog is about the Dutch economy and the importance of trade delegations, including the growing number of […]


001. Introduction Blog

Since August 2013 I started as Consul-General in Istanbul. In the coming four years I will regularly write blogs about Turkey; mainly regarding economic subjects, although at times political and social matters will also be discussed. After all Turkey is a socially and politically very dynamic country. My objective is not only to provide information […]