009. Turkey is a regional hub (and as such interesting for Dutch companies).

The Netherlands is a bridge between its neighbors and the outside world; so is Turkey. Turkey is a central hub to the Middle East, Balkan, Central Asia and North Africa. But Turkey is more; once these regions of the world were also part of or closely connected to the Ottoman Empire. They are part of […]

(c. picture: The former Deputy President of the Republic of South Africa, Kgalema Motlanthe hosted Tayyip Erdoğan (at that time Prime Minister of the Republic of Turkey) in an official visit in October 2011. An example of Turkish-African co-operation.

004. Turkey, Africa and Dutch Business

Geographical position and history can have a big impact on the economic development of a country. The Netherlands, for instance, located on the North Sea and the estuary of two rivers near Germany and France, became an international hub thanks to its location, a link between the rest of the world and its European hinterland. […]


001. Introduction Blog

Since August 2013 I started as Consul-General in Istanbul. In the coming four years I will regularly write blogs about Turkey; mainly regarding economic subjects, although at times political and social matters will also be discussed. After all Turkey is a socially and politically very dynamic country. My objective is not only to provide information […]